'Destiny 2' Guardian Games Leak Shows A Totally Unique Origin Trait

‘Destiny 2’ Guardian Games Leak Shows A Totally Unique Origin Trait

Today is Destiny 2 reset, but Guardian Games, the last major event of Season of the Risen, does not start until next week. When it arrives, there will be one main reward pursuit for the event, a brand new SMG called “The Title,” a Void energy SMG built on the Cold Front frame.

However, a new Destiny 2 leak has shown that Bungie really is committed to this new Origin Trait idea at a level I didn’t know they’d reach. They have made a new Origin Trait for The Title themed around Guardian Games, making it the only weapon with that trait attached to it.

The Title’s unique Origin Trait is Classy Contender, where Final Blows with the weapon grant Class Ability energy. As a void SMG, you can already imagine how this would be extremely good on say, a Secant Filaments Warlock for constantly spamming rifts and orb buddies. And it’s only on this weapon, and only for the three weeks the event is live.

What this says to me is that going forward, all event weapons are going to have unique Origin Traits. For those keeping track, that should mean Festival of the Lost, The Dawning and Solstice of Heroes should all have Origin Traits when they roll around next time on those event weapons, in addition to Guardian Games. (RIP Crimson Days and The Revelry).

This is just a unique situation right now because there are no other Guardians Games weapons. Heir Apparent is the only one, but that’s an exotic, and those don’t have Origin Traits. Goal next year? Expect another weapon with this same trait.

And when the new events come, my guess is that all the old event weapons will drop with the new Festival/Dawning/Solstice origin trait attached to them. Origin Traits do not appear on weapons retroactively, so you’ll have to farm for new ones, as is life in Destiny. I would expect the traits will be related to the theme of those events somehow like Guardian Games focuses on the “class” ability as a class contest, but what that will look like is anyone’s guess. Feel free to speculate.

Again, we have Origin Traits now because we gave up the ability for weapons to generate orbs, which opened up a new perk slot. And Bungie is very much using that new perk slot as much as possible, as all new weapons going forward appear like they’re going to have either one or two origin perks. Bungie has also talked about bringing back old collections of weapons with new Origin Traits, which has everyone hoping for the return of Black Armory gear with some sort of representative trait. No word on that yet, however.

So yeah, get ready to farm this thing, as who knows when you’ll constantly need ability generation for a build in the future.

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