Psychologist Hired By Johnny Depp Testifies On Amber Heard Evaluation

Psychologist Hired By Johnny Depp Testifies On Amber Heard Evaluation

A forensic psychologist who was hired by Johnny Depp’s legal team tested on Tuesday that she believes Amber Heard has borderline personality disorder and histrionic personality disorder and does not have post-traumatic stress disorder.

Shannon Curry said that in preparation for the defamation trial, she spent about 12 hours with Heard, during which Heard took several mental health tests. Curry said she also reviewed Heard’s health records, documents, audio recordings, photos, and videos. Based on the test results, Curry said she believes Heard has a lot of inner hostility and is self-righteous, judgmental, and full of rage.

“These aren’t fact, but her scores were consistent with other people who had obtained these scores who have been shown through many, many studies to have these very specific traits,” Curry said.

Her testimony comes as lawyers for Depp and Heard have tried to paint the other as the aggressor in their violent marriage. Depp sued Heard for $50 million for defamation after Heard wrote an op-ed for the Washington Post, in which she said she is a victim of domestic violence. Depp has testified that he was actually the victim of domestic violence during their relationship, and he has claimed that the implication that he abused Heard — which he denies doing — hurt his reputation and cost him movie deals and other opportunities.

Heard has not yet taken the stand, but her attorneys have accused Depp of physical and sexual abuse, which they said often happened when he was using drugs or alcohol.

On Tuesday, Curry tested that she believed Heard’s test results revealed she had a personality type tied to anger and cruelty “usually with people who are less powerful.” Curry said when psychologists see this code type, it’s best to follow up with the patient’s subordinates, coworkers, and others “who may have observed their behavior more closely.”

“The 36 code type is very concerned with their image, very attention-seeking, very prone to externalizing blame to a point where it’s unclear whether they can even admit to themselves that they do have responsibility in certain areas,” Curry said.

Curry told the court that the defining characteristic of borderline personality disorder is instability, which shows up in a person’s relationships, emotions, behavior, sense of self, and identity.

In Heard, she said, “that instability is really driven by this underlying terror of abandonment.”

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